Realistic fictional aliens

Realistic fictional aliens

Aliens in science fiction are usually very similar to humans. Often they are basically just humans with a minor cosmetic difference and a culture that is actually closer to modern-day western societies than many historical human societies were. If we were to meet life that evolved on other planets, they would certainly be far more alien than that.

Most authors find it difficult to imagine non-human intelligences without bandying around words like 'incomprehensible', for the simple reason that they are authors: Their trade is writing stories that are interesting to humans. Why should we expect them to understand non-human intelligences, or the intricacies of evolution?

In contrast, I am an AI researcher. I have no talent for writing captivating stories, but I frequently come up with concepts for truly alien species, because understanding these concepts is important for my research, and because designing a fictional species is fun.

Here is a list of non-human aliens I have made up that are particularly interesting:

  • Davlash: A species with a fundamentally different method of reproduction.

  • Nophilians: A species of savants.

  • Xeltek: A benevolent pseudo-hive mind.

  • Benefactors: An artifically created species that helps others.

  • Sino: A species that achieved a technological singularity, and accidentally made life very interesting for every other species.

  • Boros: Not a species, but a civilization of humanoids. However, their technology leads to a drastically different culture compared to contemporary western civilizations.