Are you a developer?

Join my startup: Elody

Work together with other developers and build a Gestalt AI.

Elody can make your programs accessible to
non-technical users.


The URL elody.com is for sale. Contact me at floriandietz44@gmail.com.

Note that "Elody" is the pronunciation of the acronym L.O.D., which can stand for any number of things.

I had a tech startup at this URL that sadly did not work out, and L.O.D stood for "Legion of Developers".

It was a chatbot powered by Artifical Intelligence and a community of developers. The AI would interpret what the user wants, find the most appropriate program for solving the problem, and execute it on our servers. This would make it much easier for people of any level of technical know-how to find and execute even complex software. Simultaneously it would also have made it much easier for developers to market their software. Unfortunately, even though it worked on a technical level, we did not manage to reach a critical number of users.

A copy of the startup's website can be found at the Wayback Machine internet archive.

The following is a description of Elody from back when it was active:

Elody allows you to solve any software problem directly through your browser.

It is based on a Wikipedia-like contribution model: Anyone can upload software to our database, and we make that software extremely easy for endusers to use.

Even non-technical users can use Elody to solve complex technical problems.

Elody can find appropriate software based on vague problem descriptions, and can even combine multiple programs together to solve tasks with many steps.

This is based on a combination of AI and crowdsourcing, where the advantages of AI eliminate the weaknesses of crowdsourcing, and vice-versa. I have a patent pending for this concept.

Elody works for any type of software: Converting files, or ordering pizza, or even running an entire end-to-end data science pipeline.

We have Data Science as our initial focus, although the technology behind Elody also works for other software tasks.

Once fully matured, our AI Elody will do to the software industry what Wikipedia did to the encyclopedia industry.

Angel list: https://angel.co/company/elody